Short Term/Special Events/Festivals/Armed Escorts/Strikes/School Resource Officers

About Our Service:

Bee Safe specializes in school & office security, we are above our competition in this area based on the quality of Officers we hire and the continual training that our Officers go thru. We provide an elite team of security professionals, all of our officers are licensed & certified thru the State of Ohio to provide both armed and unarmed security services. We ensure our clients get top notch professionals to protect their assets, thru our extensive applicant and interview process.

Hiring Process:

Bee Safe carefully screens all applicants and only a handful are offered an opportunity to take part in our hiring process. All Officers must pass a series of tests including a psychological test prior to having an opportunity to interview with our review panel. Our panel consists of our company’s supervisors, any employee which wishes to take part and an individual from who is not employed with Bee Safe, this individual is typically a client of ours. This helps to insure we hire the right person(s) to maintain our exceptional level of professional services.

Our Training:

Bee Safe has Officers on staff that are Certified State of Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy instructors. Our Officers goes thru both class room and in the field training, which incorporates company policies & procedures, use of force, verbal judo, hand to hand self-defense, handcuffing, handgun/shotgun, Taser, OC spray, ASP baton, active shooter(s), ALICE training & more. Our Officers are trained and equipped for environments where there are large masses of people with the idea of anything could happen. We take immense pride in our Officers and so should you!

Armed Division

Our Security officers are certified and licensed thru the State of Ohio, we have a mix of unarmed and armed Officers for every need. Our Officers are extensively trained in the equipment they carry while on duty, asp-batons, pepper spray, tasers, firearms, handcuffs, etc… Officers are trained in CQB/self-defense, weapons retention, active scene processing, use of force and active shooter(s) scenarios for schools, public venues & work place.

Our company offers Security Patrols

About Our Service:

Our patrols consist of armed and unarmed security officers equipped with constant communications with clientele. Our patrols deter criminal activity by being visible and vigilant while on patrol. Each marked patrol unit is equipped with radio and cellular phone communication points for our clients and client’s employees to reach the on duty patrol officer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Patrols can perform parking lot, exterior including interior routine sweeps of premises. Our officers are able to assist with employee disciplinary meetings, terminations, etc…

We Provide This Service for:

Industrial parks, malls, shopping plazas, schools,
business districts,residential neighborhoods,
community housing, mobile home parks, etc…

Personal Protection / Dignitary Services

About Our Service:

Plain clothes or uniformed.


We Provide This Service for:

Individuals, Organizations, Commercial, Corporate, Government.

Loss Prevention Officers aid a merchant in thwarting theft.

Loss prevention specialists work to secure facilities, monitor inventory, and apprehend internal theft and theives such as shoplifters. Constantly searching for safety violations in order to ensure a safe working and shopping enviroment.


About Our Service:

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We Provide This Service for:

Retailers, Commerical and Corporate Businesses

School Resource Officers


We have certified school resource officers, which are capable of counseling, teaching and mentoring today’s youth, etc… While providing the school district with an armed officer to assist with protecting lives and property. We specialize in building a working safety program geared for limiting collateral damage in the event of a catastrophic event.

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