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About Our Service:

Our professionals focus on our clients’ vulnerability to security breaches, opportunities for sabotage & internal theft. Our professionals assess your individual needs and customizes a plan of action which will minimize costs for you. We will make suggestions along the way but ultimately we will achieve what you the client requests.

Our clients are at ease knowing Bee-Safe is on the job, we help our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to achieve success. 

We begin by helping our clients choose where to focus in order to get the most efficient use of their funds. We aim for success, failure is not an option with Bee-Safe LLC.

We Use State of the Art Solutions:

Digital IP Camera systems which seamlessly integrate with our Point of Sales, DATA Collection systems, as well with our IP based Access Control Systems.  Our systems our being used in every public school in the City of Fort Worth, Texas as well as many other schools and corporate buildings thru out the world.

Have you ever left home and forgot to lock your doors, adjust your thermostat or you simply forgot to turn your lights on/off?  As a business if you have multiple sites around the world, wouldn’t it be nice to have one system that would allow you access to review data and operate your video, access controls, etc..?

As an office manager have you ever received a call from an employee who is at the office but doesn’t have the keys to get in? Wouldn’t it be nice to verify that employee, once verified with just a click on your phone or computer you can unlock the door for them?

Business owners, Executives, Home owners have the luxery with Bee Safe Solutions to easily do all that while on the go with our remote software technology from anywhere in the world using their smart phones, tablets and computers.

We go above and beyond and we are backed with rock solid industry leaders with a combined 70 years of experience in the industry.Don’t hesitate to contact us to start protecting the most that matters, you!

We apologies for not having all elements listed on our site, this would be very hard to stay current from day to day when our products are constantly and rapidly evolving to stay up to date with technology and competition.

Security & Covert Cameras


About Our Service:

We carry a wide variety of analog, HD-TVI, Digital IP systems for every need.

IP Access Controls Systems with Remote Access Administrative Privileges

About Our Service:

Our access controls seamlessly integrate with our CCTV camera systems. Our system can be integrated with Google and Outlook Calendars for easy schedule assignments. Access can be granted by any one or two combinations of proxy cards, coded pin pads, & or fingerprint readers. Our access controls system can be logged into remotely to unlock doors, see logs, change schedules and many other functions.

State of the Art Alarm & Home Automation Systems, that can be controlled remotely

About Our Service:

With both our alarm and home automation systems you have the luxury of keeping in touch with them while your on the go. WIth our state of the art systems you have the ability to remotely control your lights, thermostat, door locks, garage door & much more. Receive text and email alerts everytime your alarm panel sends off a signal (armed/disarmed, faulty sensor, low batteries, triggered alarm). This is a great way to know when your children arrive home or if they didn’t shut the door all the way or if the left a window open. Each user has their own unique code for the system this way you know who is arming and disarming your panel; for business owners this is a great feature for knowing if your employees armed the system for your business prior to their departure.

Our system helps to relieve stress for working parents, business owners, vacation home owners. You will have the ability to check your systems, remotely change/adjust your settings, even issue new user codes for arming & disarming the alarm system. You can also remotely remove user codes when they are no longer occupying the business and or home. This is a great feature for all landlords! With our Systems there is endless amount of possibilities!

Why choose Bee Safe Security over our competition? NO CONTRACTS!!!


Our Rates:  

Alarm– $25.00/month

           ~ Over GSM add $3.00/month 

Add Fire, Smoke, Freeze Protection for $5.00/month

Residential Smart Home– $45.00/month (includes alarm, fire, smoke, freeze detection)

         ~ Add Video with your home automation (60,000 – 50 second clips off site storage) for $10/month


Commerical Alarm$35.00/month

            ~ Over GSM add $3.00/month

Add Fire, Smoke, Freeze Protection for $10.00/month

Commercial Smart Automation– $65.00/month (includes alarm)

 ** Free Text Messages with Alarm Service **

Point Sales Systems that integrate with your CCTV Systems


About Our Service:

Take control of your business don’t loose money and merchandise to internal theft. Let us install our point of sale system and intergrate them with our cameras, both systems can be viewed remotely, making monitoring your business even easier!

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Our goal at Bee-Safe is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your security & protect your assets, be it an individual or a large organization. Our consultants design solutions tailored specifically to your needs in order to ensure you achieve your expectations. We’re an energetic, flexible, and open-minded team ready to work hard for our clients.

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